Iraklis Makrygiannakis

xeneras Irákleion Greece Iraklis Makrygiannakis, Photographer in Central Greece, Irákleion, 6036,
I was born and raised on a Greek island called Crete ..Started photography at the end of 2009 and ever since it has been a revelation for me . It seems as if all these years i had my eyes closed and suddenly they opened up into a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the world surrounding me..Photography is my basic occupation and I try to show through my photos , that there is beauty in this world even in the smallest parts of it..
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Travel availability:
Greece / Central Greece / Irákleion
Greek (Fluent), English (Fluent)
Some Experience
Depends on Assignment
Shoot Nudes:
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Album: Eirini
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Album: Eloise
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Album: Fotini
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Album: Maria
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Album: Marilena
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Album: Nafsika
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Album: Stella
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Album: Stella Sam
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Album: Xristina
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Iraklis Makrygiannakis
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Iraklis Makrygiannakis, Photographer in Central Greece, Irákleion, work 56122


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