Animal Love: Modeling with the Four-Legged and Furry   
Ever dream of owning an exotic type of reptile? Are you a city girl who always wanted a horse? What happens when that realization comes to life at a 9am photo shoot, when you find yourself standing face-to-face with the animal of your dreams (or nightmares!).

Safe to say, modeling with animals may not always be easy. Even seasoned fashion models may find him or herself a bit nervous around unfamiliar canines, horses or several breeds of “trained” animals imported from the nearest rainforest. With the safety of a good agency on your side, taking photos around animals should be a fun and exciting experience. Setting the right ground rules for modeling with animals is essential to your career and well-being.

Learn in Advance the typical behavior creatures in which you are planning to be photographed with. Ask questions about how you are expected to pose with certain animals and request information regarding the creatures previous whereabouts. Animal experts and/or trainers should be present at all times during a shoot to address your concerns.

Practice Safety Approach all animals carefully; exorcise proper handling as directed by a professional trainer.

See a Doctor to diagnose any allergies to animal breeds beforehand. Even the most special of editorials is not worth risking your health for.

It's OK to Say “No” If you are uncomfortable or scared of modeling around animals, don't. Focus on a different challenge or niche in the fashion industry. There are plenty!

By Kelly Farley

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